Welcome to Murphy’s Inn

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Murphy’s Inn, Bed and Breakfast, is located by the river in the historic Acadian fishing village of Larry’s River, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Murphy’s Inn is now taking bookings for June 1 to September 30, 2023.

Inn Phone: 902-525-2411 or 902-497-8687

Email: innkeeper@murphysinn.ca


Murphy’s Inn is housed in a classic American Four-Square wooden structure built in 1928.  

A Brief History of the House: Our current understanding is that for a short time prior to 1928 the property was owned by Benjamin and Mary Alice Gerrior (spelled Girior on deed). In December of 1928 they sold the property to Benjamin Avery, formally of Larry’s River but then living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His intent was to retire and move back home and live there. In 1928 the house was constructed by George Martell (aka Big George). Ben never did get to live in it. We do know that he wanted another family member to move in with him but none were interested. It sat unoccupied for a many years.

In March of 1938 Benjamin Avery sold the house to Larry’s River merchants William and Jennie Murphy. As far as we know, William and Jennie did not live in the house either but it remained with the Murphy family of Larry’s River.

We have found markings on door and closet trim with the name of a local builder by the name of George Martell. We believe that he was the major craftsman, working with the assistance of the Gerrior family, who constructed this house and five other smaller bungalows in the village. Because of the style and type of wood used in construction, we are speculating that the original house was a high quality ‘kit house’ of the sort sold by Sears and Roebuck prior to, during and shortly after World War One.

The origin of the house remains a great source of local debate. Come and explore this house with the fascinating local history!

William died in 1951 and in July of 1955 Jennie donated the house to the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame as a residence for them while they taught at the local schools in Larry’s River and Charlos Cove. The Sisters were also involved in numerous other activities in these two communities. This house became the Mount Carmel Convent and the Sisters remained in this house until 2006. Our main hallway is decorated with memorabilia regarding that history.

Locally this house, our inn, has been known as “The Convent“.

In January 2019 we purchased the house from the Murphy family. In honour of Jennie Murphy’s donation and the subsequent fifty years of service provided to Larry’s River and Charlos Cove, we named our bed and breakfast Murphy’s Inn.

A substantial nine-month renovation was undertaken to transform the house into a four-bedroom Bed and Breakfast. All guest rooms feature queen size beds, satellite flat screen TVs and complimentary free Wi-Fi. Our first-floor guest room has a full private bath. On the second floor, one guest-room has a full private bath and two guest-rooms have half-baths with access to full shower facilities on the same floor.

Rates include a full home style hot breakfast, ‘bottomless cup’ organic coffee and free parking. We also have a small garage on-site with a selection of tools available to the traveling motorcyclist and bicyclist.  Nearby access to our scenic river provides the opportunity to use your canoe, kayak, paddle board or rowboat. 

Entrance and Hallways:

FRONT ENTRANCE TO SITTING ROOM (to left), DINING AREA (down hall to left), BATHROOM (straight down hallway), AVERY ROOM (to right) AND THE SECOND FLOOR

Sitting Room:

Dining Room:

Front Porch:


Second Floor Full Bath: